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This was my life every night for the past 2 weeks. Yeah, just so you know our province was in the state of calamity after that destructive typhoon but every thing is getting alright now little by little. But that’s not the highlight of this post because what really breaks my heart now is just what happened to Cebu and Bohol last Tuesday, October 15. Especially in Bohol, I know I already mentioned to this blog that, that place is really close to my heart coz that’s the hometown of my parents and I have a lot of relatives there. I’ve been there several times and it just I cannot accept how it looks like now. I had watched videos during the earthquake with my father and I was in tears, and so my father did. Fortunately, all my relatives there are alright, but I’m still sad for those people who are affected and died because of that calamity. I do believe and pray that God will protect all of them and help them to get over from it and I know, they will rise again.

Posted: October 21, 2013 with 16 notes
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